Top 6 Anti Fatigue Mats For Your Kitchen

Kitchen work can take a toll on your legs and back. Standing for long periods on hard surfaces leads to fatigue, aches, and pain. But you can make your time at the counter and sink more comfortable with an anti fatigue mat.

Anti fatigue kitchen mats provide extra cushioning. This reduces pressure and strain on your joints, muscles, and spine. Quality anti fatigue mats also have excellent traction to prevent slips and falls on wet or greasy floors.

We reviewed dozens of anti fatigue kitchen mats to find the best options. Here are our top 6 picks to reduce leg, back, and foot fatigue while cooking and cleaning.

What to Look for in an Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Cushioning and Support

The best anti fatigue kitchen mats have excellent cushioning. They absorb impact and reduce pressure on your joints and muscles.

Mats made from materials like gel, foam, and rubber offer the most cushioning. Thicker mats also tend to be more supportive.

Look for mats that are at least half an inch thick. 3/4 inch to 1 inch thick mats offer maximum comfort.


Kitchen floors can get wet and slippery. Anti fatigue mats need great traction to prevent falls.

Mats with textured and grooved surfaces grip your shoes the best. Beveled and sloped edges also help prevent tripping.

Easy to Clean

Kitchen messes happen. Choose an anti fatigue mat that’s easy to clean.

Mats that you can wipe clean or hose off are most convenient. Avoid fabric mats that could absorb spills.


Your anti fatigue mat will see a lot of use. It needs to hold up over time.

Opt for mats made from durable materials like rubber. They’ll resist wear from frequent use and cleaning.

Avoid cheap plastic mats that crack or become brittle. Also skip mats with seams that can separate.


Make sure to get an anti fatigue mat large enough to cover your main workspace. Standard sizes range from 20” x 32” up to 36” x 60”.

Larger mats allow you to move around more. But make sure it fits your space.

Now let’s review the top anti fatigue kitchen mats for comfort and support.

1. Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

The Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat is our top pick for the best cushioning.

Key Features

  • 3/4 inch thick foam core
  • Textured top for traction
  • Beveled edges
  • Waterproof surface
  • Available in 3 sizes up to 36” x 72”

This mat has an exceptionally thick 3/4 inch cushion. The soft foam absorbs impact and reduces pressure on joints and muscles.

The textured vinyl surface prevents slips and trips. It’s also completely waterproof, making spills easy to wipe up.

We like the beveled edges that keep it from buckling. The mat lays flat and stays put.

With superior cushioning and traction, this mat is ideal for lengthy food prep and cooking tasks. Your legs and back will thank you.

2. Gorilla Grip Anti Fatigue Mat

The Gorilla Grip provides excellent support and relief at a budget price point.

Key Features:

  • 1/2 inch thick cushion
  • Deep surface grooves
  • Beveled edges
  • Lay flat design
  • Phthalate and latex free

This mat doesn’t skimp on comfort despite the low cost. The half inch cushion relieves pressure and strain.

Deep grooves across the surface create reliable traction that exceeds non-slip standards. The beveled edges also prevent curling and trips.

We like that it’s phthalate and latex free for safer materials. The completely flat profile lets it lay neatly in front of the sink.

For great value, the Gorilla Grip is a smart buy. The generous size options up to 35” x 59” cover large areas.

3. Kangaroo Original Anti Fatigue Mat

The Original Kangaroo Mat provides excellent cushioning in a durable rubber construction.

Key Features:

  • 3/4 inch thick rubber foam
  • Raised bubble surface
  • Beveled edges
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 year warranty

This mat has a thick 3/4 inch cushion made from dense rubber foam. It offers superior shock absorption and joint relief.

The distinctive surface has raised bubbles that massage your feet while increasing traction. This makes it one of the grippiest mats we found.

Kangaroo backs it with an impressive 10 year warranty. The premium rubber withstands heavy daily use for years.

While a pricier option, the comfort, quality, and durability are hard to beat. It’s ideal for frequent, lengthy kitchen tasks.

4. WiseLife Anti Fatigue Mat

The WiseLife Anti Fatigue Mat provides a nice balance of comfort, support, and value.

Key Features:

  • 3/4 inch high density foam
  • Textured PVC surface
  • Phthalate and latex free
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic materials

A 3/4 inch cushion made from high density foam reduces pressure and strain on the body. It has superior shock absorbing properties.

The textured PVC surface provides reliable traction that exceeds non-slip standards. It also resists stains and wipes clean easily.

We like that it’s phthalate and latex free with non-toxic materials. The waterproof surface contains messes.

For the quality, it’s a great value. The 3 size options up to 35” x 71” give ample coverage. It’s comfortable and durable.

5. ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

The ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Mat provides excellent comfort in a stylish finish.

Key Features:

  • 3/4 inch cushioned foam
  • Chevron patterned surface
  • Beveled edges
  • Fade resistant
  • Machine washable cover

A 3/4 inch thick cushion absorbs shock and reduces pressure. It offers superior relief for back and legs.

The textured chevron pattern looks modern while providing sure traction. The beveled edge also prevents curling.

We appreciate the fade resistant design that keeps it looking new. A removable mesh cover allows machine washing.

While a little pricier, the comfort, quality, and aesthetics make it worth it. Choose from multiple sizes up to 32” x 59”.

6. Active Made Anti Fatigue Mat

The Active Made mat is a lightweight portable option with excellent cushioning.

Key Features:

  • 3/4 inch foam cushion
  • Wave textured surface
  • Lightweight at 4 pounds
  • Carrying handle
  • Phthalate free

Despite the portable design, it still has a thick 3/4 inch foam cushion. This provides ample relief for legs and back.

The unique wave texture looks modern and supplies ample traction. At just 4 pounds, it’s easy to move. A handle allows carrying between rooms.

We like that it’s phthalate free as well. The small size of 24″x 36” works well in front of the sink or prep areas.

For a lightweight mat with superior comfort, the Active Made is an excellent choice. Take it with you around the kitchen or home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are anti fatigue mats worth it?

Yes, anti fatigue mats are absolutely worth it if you spend long periods standing in the kitchen. Quality mats provide essential cushioning and support. This reduces strain, pain, and fatigue in your back, legs, and feet.

2. How do anti fatigue mats work?

Anti fatigue mats work by absorbing impact and pressure. Materials like foam, gel, and rubber provide cushioning and support. This decreases direct pressure on joints, muscles, and bones. Better cushioning means less pain and fatigue.

3. Where should I place an anti fatigue mat in the kitchen?

The best placements are in front of areas where you stand for long periods. This includes at the kitchen sink for washing dishes, near food prep surfaces for chopping and cooking, and near the oven for baking. Measure to find the right sized mat for the space.

4. How do you clean an anti fatigue kitchen mat?

Most quality anti fatigue kitchen mats are easy to clean. Textured rubber and PVC mats can be wiped clean or hosed off. Avoid using harsh cleaners that could degrade the materials. Some mats also have removable mesh covers that can be laundered.

5. How long do anti fatigue kitchen mats last?

With proper care, a quality anti fatigue kitchen mat should last several years. Premium mats like the Kangaroo Original have 10 year warranties against defects. Avoid cheaper mats that tend to degrade and wear out faster. Proper cleaning and avoiding harsh chemicals also extends the life.

Give Your Legs and Back a Break

Kitchen work takes a toll on your body over time. Aching, tired legs and back pain make cooking and cleaning miserable.

But a good anti fatigue kitchen mat provides critical cushioning and support right where you need it. Our top picks offer excellent comfort and relief for less pain and fatigue.

Give your legs and back a much needed break. Treat them to one of these super supportive anti fatigue mats today!

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