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Show off your food.



Food and drinks

Restaurant ambiance

Team and kitchen


Food and drink events

Outdoor festivals

Shows and exhibitions

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So whether you’re a:

  • restauranteur
  • food publication
  • publicist or marketer
  • food entrepreneur
  • or event planner…

capture diners with delectable photos and words.


Food Photography

I play with light and tweak food to create the most tempting images.

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I cannot think of a more enticing subject to photograph than food.  The geometry, textures, and colours of food begs to be captured and shared.  Most importantly, great food photography can make anyone hungry.  With an artistic eye, a camera attached to my hip, and acute photo editing skills, I’ll make your food more glamorous, vivid and organic than you envisioned.

  • On-location food photography
  • Promotional material conceptualization
  • Recipe testing and simple styling

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Professional Culinary Writing

It’s on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite put it into words. Let me help.

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As an English major, Melody combined her love of writing with her unquenchable passion for food and cooking.  Melody is an award-winning blogger that has written for numerous publications (including her own food columns) and several cook books.  She desires to help other business owners grow by communicating their mission and by polishing their brand linguistically.

So whether you need to polish  your website or update your profile, simply get in touch.

See Melody’s portfolio of published work or her fun and informal blog.

Social Media Integration

Maximize your web and mobile reach.

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Social media is a quick, economic, and vital way to gain attention exponentially. It connects you directly with your customers and the media within your control. Be the buzz of the town.

With a snap of the fingers, every photo can be designed and branded for your profile, blog, avatar, splash page, or whatever else you need.

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